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We are Business Plan Experts Inc.

What we are is what we do, which is assisting Canadian entrepreneurs with marketing, strategic, and business planning. We are a Canadian owned and operated Corporation,  and our job is to pave your way to success.

In just several days our expert business analysts can do a thorough Market Analysis and in as little as 5-7 days we can produce a solid, winning Business, Marketing, or Financial Plan for startups or existing businesses.

Here are a few good ways that hiring us saves you time and trouble:

Composing a business plan can take a beginning entrepreneur about 300-400
hours. We take about 5-7 day to do a full market research and produce a solid plan.

Many don’t know where to begin and can’t be sure that they don’t miss something important. Our research team misses nothing, producing a full market report to lay a sound foundation for your business plan.

Beginning business people often don’t know how to assess their competitors and analyse benchmarking. We will make sure to fully inform you about the current market situation, including customer demand and competition.

Financial Aspect.
Our numbers work. Based on a thorough market analysis that goes into the foundation of of any plan, we can produce a reliable financial forecast for your business together with a step by step plan of how to achieve it.

We have composed hundreds of strategic business plans for multiple companies in different industries over the years. Our business planning team is astute, efficient and professional, and our analytical team has formidable expertise is in the research of diverse and complicated data sources.

When hired, we will work together with you all through the process of developing a solid Business, Marketing, or Financial Plan that will get you the funding and serve you well for years.

We Develop Sound Business Plans for:

  • Bank Loans
  • Government Grants
  • Presentations to Investors
  • Immigration PNP
  • Landlords in Malls
  • Feasibility Study

Understanding the particulars of Business Plan writing and Business Financing gives us the ability to mobilize our knowledge, experience and formidable database to produce the best possible results for you.

We know the importance of presenting the investors or loan officers with a business plan that follows the proper format and is a 100% compatible with their standards. Among other services we offer is market analysis and strategic planning for beginning and existing businesses. This is especially helpful to those who are looking to expand into new markets, diversify their marketing strategy or if you are just deciding which type of financing best fits your business goals and model.

In any set of unique circumstances, you will get our personal and undivided attention as we help you compose as solid business plan that will reach your target audience, get you the financing you need and pave your way to success after that.

Call us now or shoot us an email to get a free consultation about the best way to launch, develop and expand your business.

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