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Executive Summary and Business Plan Example

Doe Homes (CH) is the operating name of a Canadian based precast manufacturing and custom home building company. It specializes in precast manufacturing and design / build of custom precast and traditional homes in Canada. The company is a brand new corporation looking to establish a name for itself in the new homes building industry with an emphasis on “green” building practices.

CH is aspired to be one of the largest precast and traditional custom home builders in Ontario and later during the years to expand its services on a Federal level. The CH Corporation has relations with many sub-contractors and professional trades’ specialists throughout Ontario within construction industry. CH will take advantage of the constant market demand for high quality with  competitive prices new homes across Ontario.

The CH Company expects to gain a profitable market share within relatively short period of time due to its preliminary experience and vast potential relationships with vendors and prospects in subject industry. Financial projections are aimed to show CH first year revenue of more than 600K. CH expects to double the revenue level during the second year of operations and make a net profit of more than 200K due to its products uniqueness and professionalism.

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