Business Plan Writing Example – How to Write a Killer Business Plan in 5 Steps

October 7, 2015

A business plan is one of the cornerstones of any business. Sadly, many entrepreneurs skip this step, seeing how this is a hefty tass that takes some serious effort and time. It can be more than a bit confusing, too, and many beginning business people decide to either delegate it to a company such as Business Plan Writers, or drop it entirely.

If you are reading this, then we will assume that you understand the need to write a business plan and are exploring your options. In this brief overview you will find the steps of writing a great business plan. While you will still have to invest the time and effort, the instructions below will definitely save you the confusion and frustration that can accompany this process.


So What Are The Steps To Writing A Killer Business Plan?


  1. Consider the legacy that the company is going to create. The impact on the customer, market, world? What is the added value, the significance of the company, product, brand?
  2. Decide on the levels of involvement of your employees and their participation in the new culture you are trying to create and promote. How do you include them in the vision, will they be allowed to influence the plan and course of the company? This is still the conceptual phase of the plan writing process, but it sets up the ground for success. Engaged employees that buy into you idea are a powerful driving force and should be set up well in advance.
  3. Describe the processes of your business. Set up a plan for your supply chain, daily routines and task distribution. If the previous part was the wind in the sails, this is the rigging of your ship. Make sure it runs like clockwork and the ride will be fast and steady.
  4. The next stage is Goal Setting. Once have the driving force and the ways to reach your goals, you need to know exactly what those goals are. Goals come in several types:


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  1. Routine Goals. Not really goals so much as checkmarks that everything is going well. This covers minimum daily sales, day-to-day expenses and other business-as-usual results that you want to be getting as the very least.
  2. Stretch Goals are more ambitious, but you should know how to achieve them. Those goals are set to one-, two-, and three- year marks and denote the growth and development of your operation.
  3. Breakthrough Goals. Those are ambitious goals that go beyond the normal plan and scope of your operation. Their achievement seems possible, but you are not exactly sure how. Those goals are hard to plan for, but having them in mind gives you more focus and a higher bar to jump, which is also a great motivational tool.
  4. Cloud Castles. Much more far-fetched than the breakthrough goals, those are often ridiculous notions that you can’t let go of even though you know they will not work out. Write them down somewhere and put it in a drawer. Don’t include them in your plan.
  1. Once your goals have been set, it’s time to put down the general guidelines to achieve the breakthrough goals. Outline the areas of your business that will push you to reach them, such as the Team, IT department, Administration, Marketing or Sales. Once you know where to put the extra effort, make sure you put it there. Nominate top talent and engage them in the company’s work so they drive you to the breakthrough point and beyond.
  2. Preparing a clear Summary is important. Put all the above info into a clear one-page infographic that can be used for reference and in presentations. Such a simple, poster is invaluable as a mental compass and reference tool to keep your progress steady and strong.


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