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March 29, 2015

Welcome to the BPL Experts Inc. blog, in which we will give you detailed information on all business plan related topics. You will get a comprehensive overview of how the business plans are prepared, the different criteria that need to be taken into consideration depending on the type of business you are trying to get financed and why exactly you should have an expert business plan writer doing this for you.


Let’s start by answering the last question, since it lays the foundation to the whole process. It is the simplest one, too and we might as well answer it right away and move on to the fascinating world of business plan writing. Here are, therefore, the four most important reasons why you should work with a business plan expert when seeking business financing.


1. Time is money. Composing your own plan will take you approximately 350-400 hours if you are a beginning entrepreneur, and only slightly less if you have done this before. It just takes time, and it is time that you may not have, because the market is not waiting at a standstill and sometimes it only takes a few weeks for a competitor to take up your niche, making your idea inapplicable and obsolete. This is a hundred times more true for startups in hi tech, but is still very true for every other type of business.


2. The jungle of market research. Market research gets easier over time. The first time you enter this jungle, it will seem impenetrable. The second may be a bit easier. You will learn to navigate it after writing about 10 business plans. We have written hundreds. Putting your market research in the hands of professionals will not only save you over 200 hours of work, but will also make sure that you will get the most refined, accurate results from this process.


3. An expert will write an expert business plan. Many beginning entrepreneurs make the mistake of bringing lots of enthusiasm into the plan and presentation, forgetting that the investors are looking for something else. They want to hear facts and numbers. domain ip The plan’s numbers have to add up and show that the investment in your idea is worth the risk of investing in it. We speak the investor’s’ language.


4. There is only one try. You won’t get a second chance from an investor that turned your proposal once already. There will even be a chance that others will hear and not want to give you even a first chance. You have to get it right the first time, and we know exactly how to get it right. Our research is thorough, the plan is clean, understandable and covers all the bases. We know how to get you the funds the very first time, because we have a team of experts that has done it for hundreds of local businesses before.



Now that we covered this, there is lots of work to be done and a great deal of decisions to make, so let us proceed to the next chapters. There we will be covering the many aspects and nuances that have to do with business plan writing. The purpose of this blog is to either help you do a good job if you decide to write the business plan yourself after all, or prepare you for the work that we will be doing if you decide to work with our expert team.


We will be going through topics such as startup funding, government bids and more. Read on, or simply give us a call if you have any specific questions that you want to ask.


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