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Business Plans for Investors

Great Capital is attracted to Great Ideas. Build a plan that truly shines! Investors are operating by a set of very different rules than banks do. Investor’s the risks are greater, and their expectations from your Business Plan are also higher.

Team Brainstorming

A part of our approach is to take a good business idea and bring it up to its very top potential.
It has to be really, a plan that is both solid and inspiring.

Extensive Research

Our research includes your investors, and their preferences.
A business plan will be personalized not only to your enterprise, but to them as well.

Detailed and Elaborate

We will write you a plan that will cover everything, with numbers, profound market research and analysis plus a fact-based financial forecast.

You Only Get One Chance

And that’s why you can afford to miss nothing. Our team of experts makes sure everything is accounted for - your business plan will be proofed to perfection.

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  • Diamond Trade Non Profit Business Plan

  • Industrial Feasibility Study and Financial Projections Plan Example

  • Digital Platform Business Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long it will take?

After we clarify and understand all aspects of your business concept, we are normally able to write a draft version of your business plan within 2-5 weeks. The business plan and other business documents will change over time.

What Investor is looking to find in your business plan?

  • An investor is more than just a source of funds. He is a source of motivation as well as a key to more investments.
  • The potential for growth can turn out to be exponential, as investments attract investments.
  • The way to unlock this potential is to produce a comprehensive, detailed business plan that will win them over. And we are Experts in this exactly.

What Are TheKey Points in Business Plans for Investors

1. Investors will require significantly more information about your business project than what is normally presented in the Lender’s or Grant business plans. They drill down on strategy, marketing, positioning, and financial situation of the company and thoroughly consider the management team.

2. A Business plan will hold information about your business and help you stay on track. A plan aimed at attracting investors needs to be fine-tuned to show a realistic and definite return on the money they put into your business.

Which 3 main factors investor is required to be in place?

  • The opportunity. What makes your unique and profitable.
  • The amount of investment versus the expected return. Investors are looking for a 20-30% return on their investment or to have adequate share in your company.
  • Your management team. Any business strategy is implemented by people, and that is why investors want to know who is involved in your project. They want to feel confident in your ability to make the business succeed.

What is required to get started?

Please fill out Request For Proposal

Checklist for Investor’s Business Plan Writing

  • The marketing section is one of the most important sections. It requires in-depth market research. We have to determine who will buy your product/service and why, where, when, how often and for what price. Our market analysts will perform a thorough research of industry and demographic trends, your competitors, target market, product/services strengths and weaknesses, prospect profiles, etc, using a variety of databases, Statistic Canada and Census data.
  • Investors may require expanded financial statements and a comprehensive financial forecast. Our experts will thoroughly analyse your financial figures and prepare cash flow projections, income statements and a balance sheet in accordance with the lender’s requirements.
  • They will list your assets and liabilities, determine precisely the amount of money you need and calculate the level of output required to break even.
  • We will specify the return-on-investment, highlight critical stages of the production/delivery process, identify risks, and develop an exit strategy.
  • We will include details on the expertise, experience, and special relevant skills of you and every key-member of your management team.

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