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Company Valuation

Whether you need a business valuation report for civil litigation or a sale of a company division, you can trust our team with performing company valuation using various valuation methodologies.

Proven track-record in business valuation

Professionals on our team have extensive valuation report writing experience with hundreds business valuations performed to date.

Best educational background

Several members of our team have the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation, the leading global finance certification.

Variety of valuation methodologies

We employ various company valuation methodologies, such as Discounted Cash Flow, comparable trading and transaction multiples valuation.

Multiple uses

Our valuation reports are used in acquisitions, mergers, private equity investments, as well as in the legal field for civil litigation purposes.

Let us deliver the best-in-business business valuation report!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire your company to write my business valuation report?

Our team of experts has tremendous experience in performing company valuation.  Our specialists had worked at top “bulge bracket” investment banks both in Canada and abroad.  Our experts are intimately familiar with Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), comparable trading multiples, comparable transaction multiples, as well as other valuation methodologies.  Our team’s solid practical experience in the field of business valuation is backed by CFA designations, the gold-seal standard in global finance.

How long does a business valuation report take to complete?

We will deliver a draft of the report within 2 weeks.

How do your business valuation reports compare with others in the industry?

We receive constant praise for the quality of business valuations we perform.  Our work is often compared to top valuation reports performed by global investment banks at 30 times higher cost.

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