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DRAFT- Business Plan Features and Pricing Structure


An experienced team of Business Plan writers, Market researchers, Editors and Financial modellers work on your custom plan. Compare Business Plan Classes its Division:

Development Period: 4-6 days 6-8 days 8-12 days Custom
Options Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Cover and Design
Executive Summary
Company Summary
Products and Services
Strategy & Implementation Analysis Summary
Financial Forecast(basic)
Management Summary
Cash flow analysis -
P&L/Break even analysis -
Balance sheet -
Pro forma projections -
Financial Assumption -
Competitive landscape - -
Keys to success - -
Marketing strategy - -
Financial indicators - -
Competitors Benchmarking - -
Market Share Feasibility Study - -
Milestones - -
ROI Analysis - -
Professionally printed plans - -
Exit strategies - - -
Purchased Market Research Sources - - -
Extended Consultation - - -
Pricing Structure $1500-$2000 $2500-$3200 $3500-$5000 Custom Quote

Additional services which can be added to either a pre-packaged or custom business plan solution.

Optional Business Planing Services Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Immigration (PNP or Investor Class): -
Government Proposal Submission: -
Power point presentation: - -
Investors pitch deck: - -
SBL Loan Underwriting for Bank: -
Existing plan draft review:
Business Consultation:

Additional Information:

  1. Plan prices are fully based on the amount of hours its required;
  2. All of our team members are Canadian educated.
  3. Our team also specializes in Business and Commercial Funding.
Along with business planning and funding services we can help you with the project presentation in front of your target audience while assisting you to the defend the business idea and act as an independent consulting speaker on behalf of your firm.

Let's talk about your business.

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