Government Bids

July 7, 2015

Let’s talk about government bids. This is a very interesting field of entrepreneurship and the business plan for it will be somewhat different from the one made for a startup. When bidding for a government project, federal project, municipal project, the proposal will have to meet a series of specific demands.

Question: What differentiates the “standard” business plan and the government bid?

Answer: The project proposal for government funding is a service we commonly provide to our clients. The main difference is that it is not so much your own initiative, but a response to a Call for Proposals, published by the government. The call is made in order to allocate funds for local businesses to perform a certain service on behalf of the government and for the benefit of the community.

The government creates non refundable, tax-based projects, which are called Calls for Proposals. It is very much like contracting, only unlike the way it is done in the business world, (when a contractor is hired to perform a task) there will be a bidding that you will need to win in order to get hired. The government is calling for local businesses to respond to the call and come up with proposals for the realisation of the project or need.

If you are running a business which is relevant to the projects in demand by the government as outlined in the Call for Proposals, then you can apply and be evaluated along with other applicants. The best part of this is that, if your company is chosen to perform this task or render this service, the funding will not need to be repaid. It is completely free. The way to win this call is to present a winning proposal. One that will stand out among the others. This, in other words, needs a professionally written business plan. Our experience and knowledge can serve you to win this bid by composing a concise, elegant and solid plan for the proposed project.

Question: What is the Government Bids Business Plan document and what is its exact use? Does it have any value beyond winning the bid?

Answer: Yes, the Government Bids Business Plan is mainly a response to the call. It is a solicitation document, very much like the other business plans we compose. site performance . It is aimed to convince the government officer reviewing the application that you are the best applicant for the job that the government needs performed. The main other use of the plan, beyond winning the bid, is that it can, and should, be used during the project to ensure its success, and this is no small benefit.



Question: What are the criteria that the government bid should follow, is there a guideline published for it by the government? What is the difference between hiring BPL Experts Inc. and responding to the application directly? How is the business plan necessary in this case?

Answer: Yes, you can apply yourself. The problem with a direct application without a professionally composed business plan is that it is an extremely time-consuming process. The second reason to use our services is that we will make sure there are no costly mistakes in the way that you apply and present your offer. After all, you only get one chance, and there are other applicants.

This being, essentially, a competition, it simply makes sense to get any help you can. A professionally composed business plan has significantly higher chances of being accepted, possibly landing you a career-making project.

Call BPL Experts Inc. for a professional business plan for your next government bid!

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