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Business Plans for Government or Immigration

With an Expertly Written Plan you will be the first in line to get the Government Funding. Unlike the bank or other financing institution, they are looking for a benefit to the city, neighbourhood and local market. Therefore the government office will want a full report on what you intend to do for the community before giving you the money.

We Work Fast

There is a line leading to the government grants office. We can produce a full Business Plan for you in 5 days, and get you into that line as soon as possible.

We Know How

With our experience, you can expect a 100% Compatibility with the government office’s criteria according to which your Plan will be evaluated.

Personal Care

Your project is important to us. We will develop the plan together with you and afterwards will be on call for any changes or advice.

We Miss Nothing

From a thorough market research to a solid financial forecast, we get your Plan covered from every angle possible, ensuring it works after you get the funding.


A Solid Business Plan is a road map to success.

Whether it is business or a community service, like a Daycare Center, it is important to have it well planned. Designing a home takes an architect, and writing a Business Plan takes a Business Plan Expert. We save you time, while planning the best possible course of action for you to take in order to get the funding, start your enterprise and Succeed.

Our Points of Focus

  • We prepare a thorough market research of the industry and its demographic trends, your competitors, target market, products/services strengths and weaknesses, prospect profiles etc. We will be using a variety of databases, Statistic Canada and Census data to get the most accurate picture possible.
  • Our experts will analyse your financial figures and prepare a cash flow projection, income statements and a balance sheet in accordance with the specific government requirements. They will also develop the 3-year financial projection tables.
  • We will show that you acknowledge the risk and have plans to manage adverse situations to assure the grants committee that you are prepared to deal with difficulties..

View some sample plans

  • Art School Government Proposal for Financing

  • Restaurant Business Plan For Immigration

  • Market Research and Feasibility Study

  • Medical Office Business Plan

  • International Courier Company

Need to know more about the process? Check out How It Works page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common purposes of the business plan?

– Presentation in front of a Lender (financial institution)
– Presentation in front of an Investor
– Government grant application purposes
– To illustrate feasibility for the owners of an existing/start up business venture.

What is our involvement in the process?

Usually we need to meet for the first free consultation which takes about 1 hour and after that the typical correspondence happens via the email.

How long it will take?

Once we’ve clarified and understood all aspects of your business concept, we are normally able to write a draft version of your business plan within 5-10 business days.


Let's talk about your business.

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