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August 27, 2015

In previous blogs we had discussed more conventional business plan applications. Those included startups, non profit enterprises, franchises and other business purchase endeavors. This article will touch on another use for a business plan that not many are aware of. A business plan for Immigration.


Immigration business plan


What is a Business Plan for Immigration?


Before we go into details that describe the process, let’s try to answer the first question. What is a business plan for immigration and what does it do for you?


Immigration Business Plan Process


Now, let’s talk about the Immigration business plan process is some detail. What programs are available that allow to apply for Canadian immigration? What are the specific requirements in each of them? What are the needed application documents and business planning for those programs?


At this point in time, there are two main business immigration programs that are set up to offer and provide foreign investors with legal status in Canada.


The Provincial Nominee Program


One of the programs is the Provincial Nominee Program, which is intended for small business startup entrepreneurs. It allows foreign investors to put a sum of up to $200,000 into any title business in certain provinces across Canada.


It is not as simple as just investing the funds, however, as the foreign investor is required to substantiate their business case with a formal business plan. This demand is put in place in order to ascertain that the business being invested into can be expected to be established properly and operated in an efficient manner. The goal of the government is, naturally, to ensure that the investment goes into something productive and beneficial. The enterprise in question is only worth the effort if the particular province where it will be established will benefit from a certain level of job growth and will offer positions for the local population. It should also be deemed profitable in the longer run, to ensure stability, taxation and growth.


Federal Program for Investor Immigration


The second one is aimed towards investors who are investing a sum of over $800,000 into a business startup or into the purchase of an existing business. The program is very similar to the Provincial Nominee Program and also allows the investor to gain legal Canadian status.


The differences in the application criteria for those two programs are in the details and numbers. Both have a demand for a business plan to be provided by the investor. The business plan for either should provide a verbal and numerical description of the way the business is going to be operated in order to be able to predict its success and degree of benefit to the community.


Immigration Plan Pricing Policy and Process


An often asked question is whether those plans have a different pricing than other plans. The other question that comes together with this one is regarding the deliverables. Are they the same and if not then how do they differ.


The simple answer is that this plan is treated in the same manner as any other business plan composed by BPE Writers, in terms of pricing, deliverables, timeframes and in pretty much every other respect.


The process is also very similar to that of other business plan writing. The only difference is that since the investor is usually located outside Canada, the people we work with are Immigration Lawyers whose services you had procured. From there on, the process is very much the same. We take your documentation, prepare the application forms, collect all the needed papers for the application, formulate the plan and apply with the immigration authorities on your behalf.


Let's talk about your business.

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