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July 12, 2015


Let’s continue the discussion we started in the previous article and talk some more about investor proposals and the ways to produce an investment proposal business plan that works. As we discussed previously, the investor proposal business plan’s main difference from other plans is that it will have to be much more thoroughly researched and written in more detail. The reason for this is the fact that unlike a bank, which is just a lender, the investor will become a partner, sharing the risks as well as the earnings of the enterprise. It is a proposal that is much harder to prepare and harder to win, and that’s why most investor proposals are written by professional business plan writers.


Investor Business Plan Experts


There are more questions to answer, so let us proceed. First, there was a question asked in the previous article, where we gave a part of the answer. Here are a few more things that can be said on this matter.


Question: What are the main mistakes that an entrepreneur is prone to make when producing an investment proposal?


Answer: It happens all too often that the entrepreneur focuses on the product and the market, completely omitting the details of the start-up budget and the intended allocation of investment funds. In other words, the things that they need the money for. The sum of funds they are asking for is there, but it is not substantiated by any concrete reasoning. Such a poor proposal is sure to be declined.


Another bad mistake an entrepreneur can make is omit the Return on Investment prediction in the plan and presentation, essentially making his enterprise simply not worth the investors’ while. You need to be able to show how fast the investor will be able to recover the funds given to you and start generating profits as dividends from your enterprise’s success. Remember, the investor is not a lender, but a partner. They need to see profit in the proposal in order to take you up on it.


Question: Once the investment proposal business plan is written, can BPL Experts Inc. contact the investors and assist in its presentation? In other words, what are the next steps in this application?


Answer: After we are done writing an investment proposal business plan for you, you will have two options to choose from.


You can either take it from there and approach the investors directly, which is a legitimate way to do it, and safe enough now that you have a solid business plan prepared by professionals.


The other option is to take the surest road and use our other services, such as seeking out available investors for you, creating the presentation on PowerPoint or other Pitch Deck platform (video or poster graphics, for example). The presentation will be a shorter, condensed version of the business plan, with supplementary visuals and other things that can convince the investors to give you their support.


The next service that we provide, and you can can also make use of, is have us physically step in and present your idea to the investors directly. We have years of experience in such presentations, and our service as speakers on your behalf is a sure way to make the presentation as efficient as possible.


Finally, the last question is about fees for these additional services, and the answer is that we will either charge an hourly rate for them or, if we strongly believe in your success, we may offer you a compensation based on equity take out. This means we will take shares in the project, delivering the service at zero cost and paid on the investment’s approval.


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