Startup Business Plans – Terms and Process

May 29, 2015

If you made the right conclusions, and decided to work with BPL Experts, then the next logical step is to discuss the terms and conditions of the relationship as well as the expected work process.

Question: What are the terms of service? How long is the process going to take? Do I need to give you an advanced deposit?

Answer: The work of composing a startup business plan can be described as a two phase process. The first phase is preliminary work with the entrepreneur (creating an outline and defining goals) the second is more concrete, where the plan will take shape on paper.

In the first phase, we will give you six fundamental questions that will help us create an outline, and get an idea of your project so we can plan it in detail. Here they are:

  1. The purpose or purposes for the business plan
  2. The deadline for the plan’s delivery and presentation
  3. The industry and market that we will need to research
  4. Whether it’s an existing business or a start-up
  5. What is the amount of funding that you will be applying for
  6. The intended fund distribution, such as salaries, equipment, r&d, etc.

Once those six questions are answered in some detail, we will be able to give you an offer for our business writing services. The offer will be broken down into three main sections:

  1. A detailed table of contents, giving you a clear idea of what the business plan will include.
  2. The time (in business days) that the plan will take to be composed, starting immediately on signing.
  3. The total cost of the services you receive. This will be in direct relation to the plan complexity and time.

After you agree to this general outline of the proposal as described above, we will be able to proceed. The next step is an agreement of confidentiality, in which we will secure all and any sensitive information that you will share with us during our work together. It is important for us that you feel safe working with us, and we will guard your information like we do our own.

The next step after this, is signing a service agreement, which outlines the work process and gives you a commitment toward the due date and price. With us, there will be no hidden fees or other surprises. You get exactly what we promised. After this we will schedule an orientation session, during which we will go through the questionnaire in more detail, creating a full, detailed picture of the business that you are going to create.

After this part is done, we will get to work on composing the business plan for you. This is something we will mostly do ourselves, but we will always keep you informed. When the first draft is created, you will be contacted to approve it and introduce any changes that you think necessary. It is important for us that the plan is exactly what you want it to be. After all, the first person who needs to approve of it is you.

Once we have received and introduced your comments and revisions, the draft will be finalized. Then a 50% deposit will be required and we will proceed to finalize the plan itself.  What you get in the end of the process is a soft and hard copy of the plan. The former will be a fully editable Microsoft Word document, and the printed copy will be hand delivered to you, ready to be presented to the financial institution.

Read on to find out more about the startup business plan creation process and other important details concerning it.

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