Startup Business Plans – The Basics

June 15, 2015

Before we go into the specifics of composing business plans for startups, let’s answer a fundamental question – what is a business plan? What does it have to include, what do you need it for and what does it aim to achieve?
In simple terms, a Business Plan is a document that is a written representation of your vision as an entrepreneur. It is your idea of how your business will operate, what markets it will reach, and how it will do all of this. It is a detailed chart of its financial mechanisms and a projection of future profits. The profit estimation is the most important part of the plan, as it is what justifies the investment from the lender’s perspective. The more profit the business can generate, the more it is worth the investor’s money. This has to be backed up by market research and shown as viable, detailing the entire process and including overhead expenses, purchases, wages, sale strategies and all the things that have to balance out in a positive way and show that the idea is feasible.
Any business plan will be comprised of the following components:
    1. A Corporate Plan will describe the financial structure of your business, from CEOs to lower rung employees. This will determine the salaries, which is a major part of any business and has to be assessed at an early stage.
2. The Product is the reason this is all happening. The product will have to show real merit and high selling potential for it to be in demand. This part of the plan will have to prove that the product will sell, plain and simple.  
3. The Market Research is another essential part of any business plan. It will be your main support for the previous point, showing where and how much demand there is on the market for your product. Those two parts will have to go hand in hand and make perfect sense, laying the foundation for your success.   
The bottom line is that the numbers have to add up. There will have to be a detailed financial forecast that shows exactly how your operation intends to succeed in its intended line of business. Making those numbers work is what will get you the funding you need to start your enterprise. Now that we’ve gone through the introduction, let’s answer a few questions.
Q: So I have the Business Plan, what else does it do for me?

A: A business plan for a startup will be your means of securing the funds, but not only. It will detail the expenses and pre-calculate the risks, reducing them to a bare minimum. Following this plan after you got the funds will be your best, surest way to achieve the success you are aiming for. peta dunia satelit Simply stated, it is a roadmap to achievement, minimizing shortfalls in the budget, drawing out a list of things that you need to purchase, and giving you a head start over the competitors.
Doing the market research well in advance will allow you to plan your move into the market successfully, pacing strategically, planning your moves into other parts of the market and making them much more likely to succeed.
To summarize, a good business plan will get you the funding, eliminate dangers and mistakes, and give you a safe road to follow, helping you every step of the way.
Read on to the next article for more details about good, solid business plan writing and the different nuances that need to be taken into consideration when composing plans for different types of business.   

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