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Business Plans for Start-Ups

A business enterprise can reach its maximum potential only with a solid business plan. This is what we’re here for, since our specialty is exactly that – helping startups get on the road to success. Our feasibility studies and market research help entrepreneurs to draw a solid image to a banker or potential investor.

Knowing the Undercurrents

Every field of business has it’s own hidden traps and clever shortcuts. We know how to find them, saving you surprises and giving you a head start.

We Produce it Fast

Having tons of experience we can rely on, your plan will be revised or written from base to top in days, allowing you to get to work and build success.

Unique Treatment

means we take you through the process every step of the way. From a brainstorming interview to careful planning, we will build your plan as if it was ours.

Our Plans are Solid

This means we’re able to produce a very real market-based financial forecast. Our models are based on extensive knowledge of the market. They work.


The plan will clarify your business idea and define your long-term objectives. It provides a blueprint for running the business and a series of benchmarks to check your progress against. It is also vital for convincing your bank – and possibly key customers and suppliers – to support you.

View some sample plans

  • Night Club and Restaurant Business Plan

  • Bar & Lounge Business Plan

  • Travel Industry Portal Business Plan

  • Optical Store Business Plan

  • Technology Gaming Business Plan

  • Retail Clothing Store

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your company’s success rate on planning and funding startups?

  • Our business planning services are fully compatible with the 5 major Canadian lenders including BDC and Roynat. We have structured and submitted many business plans to these institutions since 2006 and all of our plans were certified and approved by them. As far as the success rate of our services the explanation would be as follows: the application is always conditional on the business plan quality and the applicant financial fitness.
  • We can always 100% guarantee the quality of our work in business planning including full refund of the services fee if the application is declined due to the business plan incompatibility. However our client’s financial fitness is the aspect that we can never be responsible for and have no control over. In any case a business plan development for project details definition is a must component in any financing/funding application.

Is your research thorough enough and realistic?

This principle is fundamental to the world of business. The entrepreneur who takes the time to know the field, and plan his steps carefully will reduce risks and find advantageous ways of climbing to the top. We all know that business is risky, but we know also the benefits of success are absolutely worth trying for! We offer you a safe line, a map and a compass for a trip in the wilds. Who would not take it?

How long it will take?

After we clarify and understand all aspects of your business concept, we are normally able to write a draft version of your business plan within 7 business days.

What are your points of focus?

Developing a business plan is the most effective way to consider the pros and cons and organize your thoughts. It will give you the whole picture, all aspects and details of the business you are going to build, and may help you to avoid costly oversights.

What can you do with the business plan as startup?

As a start-up, there is a big reason why a business plan is important. And as you write things down, you make sure that you consider all of the smallest elements that you need to take into consideration in order not to have any unpleasant surprises when you will be in operation mode of your business. Because any business is always an element of a risk because the business might be successful, but then again, the business may not pick up as fast as you think it will.


And then, when you have your business plan written, you will see whether the major risks, whether the major critical passes that you need to take into consideration, and minimize the shortfalls whether it’s a shortfall in your budget or how much start-up inventory do you need, or your competitors. When you do the market research, you can realize, what is the size of the market that you will be going after, and whether or not, that size of a market is sufficient for you to make enough sales in order to subsequently make enough profit.

Our Tools and Methods

  • We perform a full market analysis, complete with industry research, demographic trends, competitors, target markets, product/service strengths/weaknesses, prospect profiles, etc. using a variety of databases, Statistic Canada and Census data.
  • The experience of our professionals will help you to find the best way to reach your prospects by developing an efficient distribution, marketing and advertising strategy.
  • Startup setup and operation costs will be defined, investment amounts you require will be set, and revenues predicted.

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