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I was fully expecting to have to spend a lot of money on the upcoming commercial mortgage renewal for my downtown car shop. The rate was going to go up and I had to get an environmental inspection. That inspection alone would have cost me about $5,000. Someone recommended I go and get a second opinion from Business Plan Writers. The result? The deal was done without the inspection and the mortgage didn’t only not go up, it went DOWN, by about half the price. Amazing.

Steve K.

We had a daycare business in mind and approached Business Plan Writers to get a business plan written for us. We were also in communication with a certain company to get a government loan. After 6 months of back and forth communication, we were pressured by this company to sign on a portion of the funds we needed, plus an exuberant fee. We came back to BPW with a request to assist us and found out that BPW also specializes in obtaining government loans for businesses through the CSBFP program. With Business Plan Writers we eventually got the full funding we needed in only two weeks! We would never consider working with any other company again!

Ron B

We were going to open our franchise and obviously needed a source financing. I was really impressed with the professionalism personal approach by Business Plan Writers. We were treated like preferred customers from the first phone call and they found, negotiated and approved business financing for us within 2 business weeks. Then we looked at our budgets and requested a larger funding. BPW set to work, renegotiated the deal, bringing another lender into the contract and was done within two more weeks. We just stood and watched them work. Incredible, thank you!

Sam F.

Our business was not doing so well, and we needed a way to make it work. With the profit margins being so low and sales going down, it was hard to see how we were going to save the business. Then we heard about Business Plan Writers and asked them for help. They set to work right away and did market research, competitor analysis and showed us all the places we could save and improve. Wow. We had no idea how many things we were doing wrong. The efficiency has gone up and we are growing rapidly in sales and revenues. Thank you BPW, for making our business work again!

Michael C.

We were preparing to open a new business and needed to obtain a business loan. We did the obvious thing – went to our regular mortgage broker. He told us we only qualified for part of the funds we were going to apply for and needed a business plan composed to enhance the application. We went to Business Plan Writers following a recommendation from our accountant. They didn’t only write an excellent plan for us, but also got us financing that was almost 30% more than what our mortgage broker said was possible to get. They also accomplished all of it within 2 business weeks! Thank you, BPW for promising and delivering!!!

Tara W.

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